Key West Brochure Rack

We have more brochures and brochure racks here in Key West than you could imagine. What will be appearing on these pages will be the best Key West has to offer...and maybe a few just for their graphical impact.
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Catamaran ECHO2 MOET & CHANDON Champagne Sunset Sail

Undoubtedly…the best champagne, wine & sailing in Key West.

Catamaran ECHO2 serves only the best Champagnes & Wines on the water here in Key West. MOET & CHANDON Champagnes, accompanied by our Champagne Inspired Imported Cheese Buffet. We also serve excellent still wines, premium beers and refreshments for your enjoyment. Exclusive seating limited to only 7 couples on this semi-private sunset cruise.

Adults only! ~ $7900